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About Mouth Cancer Screening

Oral cancers affect around one in 60 men and one in 140 women over the course of their lifetime, but it can be difficult to detect in the early stages unless you know what you’re looking for. 


At Bethcar, we routinely check every patient who visits us for mouth cancer, observing the whole face and head as well. We have even been known to recommend that clients visit their GP to check moles for skin cancer. 


As a patient of ours our goal is to support your oral health and the impact it has on your overall wellbeing, so that any issues can be detected early and resolved as easily as possible.



Laura DaviesLaura Davies
11:23 24 Nov 22
Thank you to Clare the hygienist at Bethcar Dental practice for your amazing care today. Not only did Clare do an amazing job with my teeth (scrape and polish), she also provided excellent education and was genuinely interested in caring for my teeth and gum health. Clare was very warm and friendly but also extremely professional and put me at ease. The receptionists were also extremely welcoming. I would definitely recommend Bethcar Dental Practice
Andrew PittAndrew Pitt
15:49 23 Nov 22
Always had very good treatment at Bethcar Dental, as a team they have saved me from a gummy future.Claire the hygienist has done a great job of keeping my mouth, teeth and gums in tip top condition.I would highly recommend this practice, every member of the team welcome and treat you like you're a part of the family.Thank you.Keep up the good work.
R JenkinsR Jenkins
14:11 17 Nov 22
I would not hesitate in recommending Bethcar Dental Practice. The service my family and I have received has been outstanding. The ladies on reception are very helpful and friendly and go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Dr Laura Wedge and her assistant are very professional. They have provided excellent dental and aesthetic services. Laura’s calm and patient manner helped to calm my anxiety and gave me the confidence to ahead with procedures, and she always does a wonderful job. I was particularly impressed when I received a reply to a message sent on social media on a Sunday evening to arrange an emergency appointment for my daughter the following morning. Thank you Bethcar Dental!
Alan DaviesAlan Davies
15:25 18 Oct 22
I have been registered with this practice for a number of years and cannot praise them enough. The receptionists are always polite, helpful and informative and the staff are second to none. I have recently had some extensive work carried out by my Dentist (Laura Wedge) and I cannot fault my experience in any way. Both Laura and her dental nurse (Natalie) are highly competent at what they do and are also fun to be in the company of which actually makes going to the dentist a pleasure. I would highly recommend Bethcar Dental to anyone seeking a dentist as there are none better in my opinion
Amy De Havilland-hallAmy De Havilland-hall
20:13 11 Sep 22
We have just joined the practice after numerous let downs from our previous dentist. WOW! We were greeted by lovely,smiling receptionists and a friendly environment. When we saw our dentist (Laura Wedge),both her and the nurse were so kind to our children and letting them see everything and explaining it all. They were patient and made it all fun. My husband and I left feeling reassured we were receiving the best dental care and we both had a very clear understanding of what was what. I cannot recommend enough!

Treatment Benefits

Benefits Of Oral Cancer Screening

The main purpose of mouth cancer screening is to identify any cancerous or precancerous lesions that may lead to mouth cancer. When cancers are caught early they are more likely to be curable. 


Benefits include:

Early detection of mouth cancer

Mouth cancer can be hard to diagnose if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. However, when cancer is detected in the early stages it can help minimise the necessary treatment to address it. Early diagnosis also increases the chances of curing cancer or managing it effectively. Going to the dentist is a good time for a professional check, incorporating it into your dental hygiene visits as part of your regular routine. 


Peace of mind

Knowing that a professional is checking your mouth for potential signs of cancer can provide you with peace of mind. If you are unsure about something, your dentist is a good first port of call for advice. If we feel you should consult your doctor for further investigation then we will be able to let you know then and there. By visiting regularly, you know there is always a maximum amount of time between checks for anything to go undetected.

Why Choose Us

We Want What’s Best For You

At Bethcar, we understand the significance of early detection and prevention of mouth cancer.

We believe in educating our patients on the importance of regular mouth cancer screenings and creating a comfortable and relaxed environment during the process.

With a commitment to patient satisfaction and overall oral health, choosing Bethcar for your mouth cancer screening is the smart choice.


A few things you may like to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mouth cancer screening?

Mouth Cancer Screening is an oral exam performed by your dentist, looking and feeling for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. Our goal in performing these exams is to identify mouth cancer early, when it has its greatest chance of a cure.

What is involved in mouth cancer screening?

A mouth cancer screening exam is not very different to any other dental examination. Using gloved hands, your dentist will look inside your mouth to check for signs of mouth cancer, such as sores, irregular patches or lumps. We are thorough in our checks, so we also check your throat and neck for any concerns.

Is mouth cancer screening right for me?

Everyone benefits from mouth cancer screening. It doesn’t take long and it’s an easy, painless check. There are some people who have higher risk factors for oral cancers. For example:


High tobacco use

Tobacco of any kind, including cigarettes, cigars and pipes, place users in the highest risk category for all oral cancers. If you are a smoker, it’s even more important that you have your mouth cancer screenings regularly. This is something we will be able to advise you on when we set up your personalised dental hygiene plan


High alcohol intake

High alcohol intake is also recognised as a contributor to mouth cancer, especially when it’s combined with smoking. As with tobacco use, if you are a heavy drinker, it’s particularly important to have your mouth cancer screenings regularly.


HPV Virus

There has been a link noted between oral cancer and the HPV Virus (human papillomavirus). Although only 1% of individuals that develop a high risk type oral HPV infection ever develop cancer, and usually decades after infection, it’s a good reason to remain vigilant by maintaining your dental appointments. 


Treatment Options

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