About Us

Ebbw Vale’s Favourite Dentist

“We are the only dental and aesthetic practice in South Wales that guarantees quality relationships with the people looking after your health. 

We give more to our patients of ourselves and reciprocate patient loyalty by adding value to their dental experience and putting them first. 

We are hugely passionate about the community we serve and give back through employment, care and charity work”

about us

Who We Are

Our core values & what we stand for…

  • At Bethcar, we value and appreciate your loyalty in trusting us with your health.


  • We repay your trust conscientious dentistry centred in authentic care and innovation, so that you, your friends, and family are fully supported in your future well-being.


  • We value sincerity and humility, meaning we are always honest in our intention for your health and happiness.


  • We go the extra mile in providing collaborative care with time well spent ensuring we understand the bigger picture in terms of your needs.


patient centred




Cherishing time together …

Our Purpose

We are the beating heart of our community. We exist to provide meaningful, holistic care to our patients and their families. We foster close relationships with all those around us to share the important moments for the wellbeing of all.

Our Mission

To follow the professional passions that will lead to exemplary service for our patients. We will build better experiences for our patients each and every day though consistent dedication and thoughtful innovation.

Our Vision

To be known and respected as the premier dental and aesthetic practice for innovative patient-centred care in South Wales.

…to foster your health and well-being.