COVID -19 Information (Updated 23/03/2020)

• Thank you to all our patients that have been wonderful during this very difficult, stressful and frightening time. You have all been marvelous and we really are incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic group, as patients.

• We have received advice from the Chief Dental Officer, NHS Wales and the Department for Health stating that Wales is moving to an Amber Dental Warning which means that normal dental services are affected and routine care is no longer possible.

• Emergency Dental Treatment for infected patients will be completed at designated sites.

• Therefore:

1. We will have cancelling all routine check up appointments, and hygiene appointments.

2. You MUST cancel any appointments you have with us – if you are self isolating or have a cough or fever. This is to protect the staff and patients.

3. Organising to see daily emergency appointments for urgent dental problems. This will be similar to our Christmas protocol where the morning will be run as emergency clinics. The following are considered dental emergencies:

  • Swellings
  • Facial/Dental Trauma
  • Bleeding after an extraction

4. The surgery may need to close if we are unable to staff the clinics due to illness or self-isolation.

We will not be able to see drop in patients, you MUST ring the practice to organise an appointment as we are assessing patients before an appointment is booked and a time given. This is to stop those that are unwell attending and lots of people sitting in the waiting rooms.

If you have any questions please contact the practice on 01495 302078

For more information regarding Covid -19 and dental treatment please contact the Aneurin Bevan Local Heath Board Dental Helpline on 01633 744387

Thank you for our ongoing support, and please stay safe.