This depends on a few factors. Lifestyle and the type of lip filler used.

People who lead very active lifestyles and do a lot of excessive can see their lip fillers metabolize quicker than that of others.

The type of filler used also can affect how long the results of your treatment last, some thinner natural looking products may not last as long as a thicker filler that gives more volume. All these options will be discussed with you at your consultation. We will make a decision about what type of filler to use depending on the ‘look’ you want to achieve.

But, usually lip fillers last between 6 and 18 months.

Lip fillers can give you plumper, fuller more youthful looking lips. We pride ourselves on natural results. Take a look at our Instagram account for many before an after photos from happy patients. For any other aesthetic treatments please visit our new Aesthetic Page here.